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Pergamon Ancient City was added to UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014. The city is located on the northside of the Izmir. When the ruins were founded, archaeologists thought city belonged to the 6-7th centuries BC. One of the Pergamon Kings, Attalos the 2nd, was ordered to take over the country by the Roman Empire. The city plan of Pergamon has been divided into two sections, upper and lower Pergamon. We can easily recognize upper Pergamon as Acropolis which means an upper city, more important than the other locations for any dangerous situations or making the whole city government easier.

In the Pergamon Ancient City’s upper city, peristyle-planned buildings, Doric ordered statues from the 4th century can be seen. The most important part is Library of Pergamon no doubt, which was the second biggest library of the ancient world after the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, the third one was the Library of Celsus in Ephesus which is really close to Pergamon. Gigantic statues and Temple of Roman Emperor Traian. 



Also the city makes the first discovery of parchment. They had to because the libraries were in a competition and Library of Alexandria was in Egypt. The main country of papyrus, so they didn’t want to sell papyrus anymore to the Pergamon Library because of the competition. Then, people from Pergamon invented Parchment. Also, the name is related to Pergamon.

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What to do in Pergamon?

They were really great architects, when you look at the theatre you can easily identify that. The capacity of the Theatre was 10.000, but the most important part is this is the steepest theatre in the world. It’s more or less about 35-40 degrees.

The last part is Asclepion, famous healer Asclepios lived there and he used special techniques there like massage, healing with music etc. He was really good because he never accept death.

Except for these places, there are lots of places to see at the Pergamon Acropolis Archaeological Site.