Pamukkale Tours & Activity 2023 from Izmir

Pamukkale is located in the Denizli region which is on the western side of Turkiye. Every year more or less 2 million people visit this ancient site inside the Ancient City, Hot Springs (which is called Pamukkale name comes from), Cleopatra Ancient Pool, Pamukkale Museum, Hierapolis Theatre, Complex of Hammam, City walls, Apollon Sanctuary etc. These are some examples. Hierapolis and that region are really famous for thermal springs, these underground water sources are good for the skin, according to beliefs and research. Moreover, in the city, there were lots of Stone and Metal sources, in this case, stone dressing and weaving were developed in a fast way. 



The story of Hierapolis is like that, the city was founded by the Pergamon King Eumenes 2nd in the 2nd century BC the dynasty of Attalids. The name of Hierapolis comes from the wife of Eumenes, Heira. The meaning of Heira is “Holy” in the Hellen dialect.

Pamukkale Ancient City was added to the UNESCO list in 1988.

The city was a centre of health. The fame came from Travertines mostly. They were exposed to a chemical reaction. There are more than 15 sources, the temperatures between 30°C to 100°C. Travertine terraces are made out of calcium carbonate, water, and heat. When the water, supersaturated with calcium carbonate, reaches the surface, carbon dioxide de-gasses from it, and calcium carbonate is deposited. Calcium carbonate is deposited by the water as a soft gel which eventually crystallizes into travertine.

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Tour details

  • Tour Type Impression
  • Price 119€ - 299€
  • Categories Destination
  • Area Aegean
  • Language English
  • Currency TRY
  • Time Zone UTC-3
  • Drives on the Left
  • Calling code +90

What to do in Pamukkale?

You do not want to miss the opportunity to use the turquoise-colored healing waters.

There is one more place must see in Pamukkale Hierapolis, which is Cleopatra/Antique Pool. This pool is also sourced by thermal sources that’s why the temperature is always 36°C both summer and winter seasons. Do not forget to bring your swimsuit, towel, and slippers.