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We decided to continue our tourism adventure, which we started in 2000, as "GEZENTHI" in 2013, and set off excitedly as an Izmir brand to deliver our 13 years of tourism experience to you, our esteemed guests, with a better quality, reliable and attentive travel understanding.

Without sacrificing quality, reliability and reasonable price, we invite those who travel a lot to discover places they have not explored before, and those who do not, to become “GEZENTHI” with us.

While we are telling our foreign guests about our country with colorful programs, it is one of our greatest desires to introduce the dazzling history and culture of Anatolia and to host them with hospitality.

Another of our greatest desires is to provide our local guests with the best quality service during their travels, who want to visit foreign countries, to discover the cultures in the country they are in, and to have a pleasant and quality time.

In all developed countries, tourism and sightseeing has now become a necessity.

Industrial and commercial organizations operating on a large scale in recent years have become aware of this issue and focus on rewarding their personnel, sales representatives, and dealers, who are customers, with travel programs in order to reduce the stress caused by the busy working order they are in. .

Numerous offers may be offered to you for a preference of your organization in this direction, but choosing a safe, honest and serious agency for such an organization will save you from unexpected troubles and bad surprises during this trip.

We are willing to assist you with services such as domestic and international trips, meetings, school trips, airport shuttles, ferry tickets, visa tracking, promotional domestic and international flight tickets, cruises, Umrah trips.

In addition to this, it is very important to apply as early as possible to join the tours in terms of our relations with airline companies and hotels, and most importantly, in terms of visa procedures, in order to provide you with an easier and higher quality service.

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