Exploring the Ancient City of Ephesus

Ephesus, located on the western coast of present-day Turkey, is an ancient city steeped in history and significance. As one of the largest Roman cities in Asia Minor, Ephesus played a pivotal role in the region’s political, cultural, and economic landscape. Historical Significance Dating back to the 10th century BC, Ephesus has a rich and […]

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biblical ephesus

Biblical Ephesus and More

House of the Virgin Mary: The tour often begins with a visit to the House of the Virgin Mary, believed to be the final residence of the Virgin Mary. This tranquil site is significant for Christians and offers a place for reflection and prayer. St. John’s Basilica: St. John’s Basilica is dedicated to St. John […]

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all about pergamon

All About Pergamon 

Where is Pergamon located today?  A: Pergamon is in present-day Turkey, near the modern town of Bergama in the province of Izmir, in the western part of the country.  In which region of Turkey is Pergamon located?  A: Pergamon is in the Aegean region of Turkey. This region is known for its historical significance and […]

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Pamukkale Hierapolis

Pamukkale is a natural site found in the Denizli province of western Turkey and attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. It also houses the ancient city of Hierapolis that has some remains that can still be visited such as the ancient theater, the gymnasium, the mausoleum and the church of St. Philip, the […]

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Pergamon is an ancient city located in the Bergama district north of Izmir, Turkey. According to some records, Bergama means “high settlement/base” in the Hittite language and is known as Πέργαμος (Pergamon) in Greek. In written sources, the name of the city of Pergamon is mentioned for the first time at the beginning of the […]

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Sardis is an ancient city located in the Salihli district of Manisa and was the capital of the Lydian civilization. The Lydians ruled this region between the 13th and 6th centuries BC. C. and is an important civilization of the Iron Age. Sardis is the place where the first coins were minted for the first […]

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laodecia ad lycum

Laodicea ad Lycum

Laodicea ad Lycum is an ancient city located in Denizli. It was founded in the third century B.C. by Antiochus II, the king of the Seleucid Empire in honor of his wife, Laodice. Being one of the seven cities of Asia mentioned in the Book of Revelation and housing a large population of Jews since […]

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